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Oracle Cards Oracle of the Seven Energy

Oracle Cards Oracle of the Seven Energy

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Draw out the power of the number 7, which has been handed down since ancient times, and create your ideal life.

Based on the wisdom of the seven colors of the rainbow and the seven energies

The wisdom of the number 7 energy has been found in many cultures and beliefs around the world throughout history. And you can find it in your modern life too. The number 7 influences how you think, how you make decisions, what is inside you, and your circumstances. This oracle deck draws out the power of the number 7 and guides us to choose confidently and create our ideal life. You will be able to awaken the power of the source within by becoming a conduit for cosmic abundance and miracles.

This deck is based on the wisdom of the 7 colors of the rainbow and the 7 energies. Each of the 7 energy categories contains 7 cards. The seven energies are linked to the energy centers of the human body, the chakras.

The 49 cards are categorized into 7 energies, and each card shows the main meaning of the card as a "key concept". In addition, it is written as an easy-to-understand message for you, who has drawn the card, as a guideline for future thinking and actions. Beautiful artwork with various symbols will stir your imagination, and you will be able to receive intuitive messages that are not described in guidebooks. Also introduced is a special spread where 7 cards are arranged in a crescent shape.

It is an all-purpose deck that can be used for simple usage such as drawing one card every morning and using it as a message of the day, as well as detailed reading using three or more cards. In addition, it can be used in advanced ways, such as adding to the reading which energy the drawn card belongs to, and linking it with chakra, so it can be used according to each skill from beginners to veterans.

Contents: 49 cards, guidebook Box size: H130 × W100 × D36 [mm]
Card size: H128 × W89[mm]

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