What is crystal healing


Gems have magical powers

Since ancient times, gemstones have had special powers in addition to their beauty as ornaments and their rarity.

"In the Middle Ages, garnet was worn as a talisman to wish for a safe return." "Carnelian is said to nourish the spirit and ward off nightmares and anxieties, so it was placed by the pillow before going to bed." Negative energy. Gemstones, which are said to have a unique power to absorb and amplify positive energy, have been an important part of people's lives.

Personality of gemstones

Each gem has its own unique power.

To heal your mind and body, to enhance your intuition and insight, to enhance your own abilities, etc.

  • amethyst

    protect yourself from harm

  • citrine

    Powerful cleansing and regenerating action

  • diamond

    Amplification of energy

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chakra energy balance

Chakras are said to be the entrance and exit of human energy, and there are 7 major chakras in the body.

Chakra has the meaning of "wheel", and by rotating each chakra like a wheel, the energy of the whole body circulates and the whole energy balance can be achieved. It is said that when the rotation of the chakra is disturbed, the mind is caught in negative things and leads to physical and mental disorders.

Adjust the power balance of "chakra" with "gems"

Purify negative energy using gemstones that work on the chakra of the part you want to cure. If you want to revitalize the energy of a certain chakra, choose a gem that matches that chakra, activate it, and bring it in a positive direction. It is said that choosing a gemstone that is deeply connected to the chakras in this way will help you prepare your mind and body, and will be a catalyst for moving in a positive direction.

The connection between chakras and gemstones

The relationship between chakras and gemstones

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"Crystal healing" combining gemstones and chakras

Crystal healing is the practice of softening negative energy and healing the mind and body by placing gemstones on the body or placing them nearby. It is also popular to enhance the effect by using gemstones adapted to the chakra.

We hope that this crystal healing method using gemstones will help many people lead their lives in a better direction.

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