crystal guide

crystal guide

We will introduce some of the characteristics of gemstones with various personalities.

  • Iolite

    third eye chakra

    It has the power to see what is in the depths of your inner self, allowing you to know your true self and help you to show your original self.

  • Aquamarine

    throat chakra third eye chakra

    Aquamarine has long been believed to bring peace of mind. It reduces stress, calms the mind and sharpens the intellect. Cleanses and prepares the throat chakra for smoother communication.

  • Amethyst - Amethyst

    Third Eye Chakra Coronet Chakra

    Lightens negative energies and relieves physical, emotional and psychological pain and stress. It is a stone with strong healing power and protective power.

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  • Amber

    Sacral Chakra Throat Chakra

    Since ancient times, it has been considered a stone of protection and regeneration, and protects you from all kinds of harm. It absorbs negative energy and transforms it into positive energy.

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  • emerald

    heart chakra third eye chakra

    It transforms negative power into positive and gives you the perseverance to overcome any adversity.

  • Opal

    heart chakra third eye chakra

    Opal symbolizes hope, innocence, and purity. It is said to cultivate a clear mind and enhance thinking ability.

  • Garnet

    Root Chakra Sacral Chakra Heart Chakra

    It removes negative emotions deep inside. It is said that it will give you the stamina necessary for self-transformation, eliminating the feeling of refusal to change that you are not aware of.

  • carnelian

    basal chakra sacral chakra

    It is a stone that is said to give courage and action. Motivate and energize your mind and body.

  • Sapphire - Sapphire

    third eye chakra

    A stone that symbolizes integrity, fidelity, truth and virtue. Brings peace and tranquility to the mind, allowing the body, mind and spirit to be in balance.

  • Sunstone - Sunstone

    basal chakra sacral chakra solar plexus chakra

    It helps remove negative emotions and memories and shifts your view of events to a more positive one.

  • Citrine

    sacral chakra

    It is said to be a powerful cleansing and regenerating stone. It promotes inner peace and helps balance emotions.

  • Smoky quartz - Smoky quartz

    base chakra

    It is said to absorb and purify negative energy and convert it to positive energy. It has excellent stress-reducing powers and helps us to endure difficult times calmly.

  • Turquoise - Turquoise

    throat chakra third eye chakra

    Dispels negative emotions and energies, stabilizes mood swings and brings inner calm.

  • diamond

    coronet chakra

    It is said to be a symbol of purity, and it has the power to make your thoughts clear and stimulate your imagination. By combining it with other gemstones, it has the power to amplify the effect of that gemstone.

  • Topaz

    Solar Plexus Chakra Throat Chakra

    It symbolizes love, kindness, friendship and fidelity, and is said to be a stone of courage and wisdom. It has excellent supportive effects, stabilizes emotions, and brings awareness of one's inner richness.

  • Paraiba Tourmaline

    third eye chakra

    Cultivating compassion, this stone teaches us how to love ourselves and others by cultivating a beautiful, radiant heart and attracting unconditional love.

  • Blue Moonstone - Blue Moonstone

    third eye chakra coronet chakra

    It is a stone that can control the mood of a woman who has phases like the moon, and makes women aware of their own femininity and kindness.

  • Blue lace agate - Blue lace agate

    Throat Chakra Third Eye Chakra Coronet Chakra

    It neutralizes anger and calms the disturbed mind. It dramatically improves communication skills and self-expression, and helps you to express your feelings honestly.

  • Peridot

    solar plexus chakra heart chakra

    A stone with powerful cleansing properties. You can be freed from negative emotions, regain your original self, and feel grateful.

  • Ruby - Ruby

    base chakra heart chakra

    It brings anger and negative energy to the surface, removes all negative elements, and promotes them in a positive direction.

  • Rose Quartz - Rose Quartz

    heart chakra

    A stone that symbolizes unconditional love and infinite peace. It has a soothing effect and relieves the pain of the heart. It removes negative energy and nurtures a compassionate heart.

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By Judy Hall: Handpicked 101 Power Crystals, Crystal Bible, New Crystal Bible, Crystal Encyclopedia

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