Beginning of the clutch

Beginning of the clutch

"I want to restore the jewel to its original form."

We have been working with gems and jewelry for many years. Gemstones are originally used as objects to hold wishes and thoughts, and also as a source of energy with hidden magical powers. Amulets with high spiritual value began.

And jewelry is not only based on design, material quality, rarity, and skill, but also accessories that are said to have magical powers for the purpose of protecting oneself from external enemies.

In line with the current era, which is said to have changed from the “Earth Age”, which symbolized material value, to the “Wind Age”, which symbolizes spiritual value, individuality and uniqueness, I want to return it to its original form."

Gemstones are crystals, aggregates, and combinations of various elements that exist in the universe and in nature. According to the writings of Judy Hall, a leading figure in crystal healing, gemstones have been used for healing and protection of the body for thousands of years. It was.

Various elements existing in the universe and nature have various effects on the human mind and body, such as "forest bathing", which is a walk in the forest, and "hot spring bathing", which is represented by hot springs. It is said that gems and power stones have the same effect as healing effects are obtained.

KRAACH (clutch) was launched as a brand that returns jewelry and gemstones to their original forms to create products that heal and protect the body.

A wonderful life with the magic of jewels


Gemstone bath salt that turns your bath at home into a power spot

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