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Limited to Instagram followers: Crystal Bath Salt Trial Set

Limited to Instagram followers: Crystal Bath Salt Trial Set

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A set that allows you to try all three types of crystal bath salts.

Crystal Bath Salt Amethyst 30g

Crystal Bath Salt Amber 30g

Crystal Bath Salt Rose Quartz 30g

Based on feedback from our Instagram followers who are looking for a relaxing bath time, this trial set will take you on a journey to find the perfect crystal bath salts.
When each crystal bath salt is dissolved in hot water, a mellow fragrance spreads out, and the jewels and natural rock salt purify and heal the tired body and mind.
One of the pleasures is choosing the scent of lavender, marjoram, and ylang-ylang according to your mood and physical condition. Please take this opportunity to experience "magic bath time" with the trial set.

  • 3 types of 30g each. It becomes simple packing.
  • The product will be delivered to the post.
  • This item is priced with shipping included.
  • It will be a product with a limited quantity of 300.

Please understand the above and proceed to purchase.
This is a limited quantity introduction, so if you've been curious about it, if you've tried it before and want to try other gems, or if you're thinking of giving it as a gift to your friends, please buy it! Take a bath with crystal bath salts to erase (wash away) negative things and prepare to fill your mind and body with joyful energy for the coming season! !

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