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oracle cards number inspiration cards

oracle cards number inspiration cards

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A card with a beautiful texture that shows the power of numbers

Increase intuition and inspiration

A new type of card where you can learn the mystery of numbers with clear numbers drawn on cards with beautiful textures and detailed explanations in full color.

This card, which visualizes the wisdom of birth numerology in an easy-to-understand manner, consists of three elements: numbers, colors, and words. It consists of three simple and clear elements of "colors" and "words" that are linked to "numbers", which is a universal language, and anyone can read it in an easy-to-understand manner.

Isn't it possible to increase intuition and inspiration by using vision as a trigger?

Contents: 36 cards, guidebook Box size: H142 × W100 × D18[mm]
Card size: H100 × W65[mm]

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