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oracle card message from mermaid

oracle card message from mermaid

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A beautiful and kind message from a mermaid

Dive deep into the subconscious and receive essential guidance

Mermaid is a spirit that protects the sea. They are adept at working with the mind and emotions, and wish to share the wisdom of water with humanity.

This beautiful 44-card deck offers a gentle yet clear solution to any challenge you face, leading you to a more harmonious way of life. When you start reading, the mermaids will swim in the sea of ​​your heart and come to tell you a message. Plunge into this mystical world, open your heart to the mermaid, and believe that miraculous changes will occur.

Like a mermaid diving deep into the ocean, this card helps you dive deep into your subconscious and get to the essence of any question or challenge.

By using this card, which is good at facing emotions, you may notice changes in your own emotions and experience a sense of being shaken by reading. Now is the time to open your heart to Mermaid and accept that wonderful changes are about to take place. You can literally go with the flow and receive essential guidance from the mermaids.

Contents: 44 cards, guidebook Box size: H135 × W100 × D32 [mm]
Card size: H127 × W89[mm]

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