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Oracle Cards Katakamuna Onden Cards

Oracle Cards Katakamuna Onden Cards

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Katakamuna oracle card, which is considered to be a super ancient character

Tips for living happily as yourself without overdoing it

Katakamuna is a super ancient character that was discovered in Rokko Mountains in Hyogo Prefecture in 1949, more than 12,000 years ago, before the Jomon period. There is a katakamuna document written in katakamuna characters. The content is advanced space physics. Katakamuna Physics is very difficult to understand, but what you can see from it is the law of all things that exist in the universe and the preciousness of life.

The "Katakamuna Onden Card" was created with the hope that everyone will feel the wonderfulness of the uniqueness of the universe and the hints to live happily in their own way without overdoing it.

Contents: 80 cards, guidebook Box size: H110 × W78 × D35 [mm]
Card size: H102 × W70 [mm]

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