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Oracle Card Circle Knot Card

Oracle Card Circle Knot Card

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Oracle cards with the motif of "Japanese God"

heartwarming message from god

There are already several works of oracle cards with the motif of "Japanese gods". Under such circumstances, the feature of this card is the realism of the god depicted.

A screen composition that shines lively in each scene and conveys energy and emotions. God, who has no fixed form like Buddha, is expressed in the form of a human, and the facial expressions, movements, backgrounds, etc. that fully convey the charm and power of the gods are finished so that each one can be appreciated as a painting. .

And in the commentary, a heartwarming message from God.

Each word filled with love that wraps your heart will surely heal your heart and give you awareness and courage. It also introduces anecdotes about each god and the shrines where they are enshrined, so it is recommended as an introductory book to learn about the gods. It is a card that you can enjoy "seeing, reading, and using". You can use it as if it were an omikuji, or you can ask a question about how to solve your problem. I'm sure the more you use it, the more you will feel that God is close to you.

Once you get to know the gods better, the way you look at the shrines that you used to casually visit, your feelings toward the gods, and the words you speak to them will change. When the attitude of the heart changes, the fortune surrounding oneself will also change obviously. It is a "yen knot card" that is studded with such hints and opportunities like treasures.

Contents: 38 cards, guidebook Box size: H110 × W78 × D22 [mm]
Card size: H102 × W70 [mm]

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