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Oracle Cards Crystal Wisdom Oracle Cards

Oracle Cards Crystal Wisdom Oracle Cards

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Multi-Dimensional Healing of Earth and Universe with 5 Suits

Cards that can be used as healing like real crystals

For thousands of years, crystals have been used to heal and protect the body.

This card depicts 50 types of crystals, from the familiar to the rare, in 5 vibrational suits (Earth, Healing, Cosmic, Integration, Interaction), representing the soul that you decided before you were born. We support growth and transformation from a broad perspective.

It can also be placed on the body and used as a crystal grid, just like a real crystal. The explanation of each card has an item called "Healing Insight", and it is said that by using the cards for healing in daily life, physical changes will appear.

It has a solid explanation, so it is recommended not only for those who do crystal work, but also for those who are interested in crystals for the first time.

Author: Judy Hall

Contents: 50 cards, guidebook Box size: H135 × W100 × D45[mm]
Card size: H126 × W88[mm]

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