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KRAACH Healing Jewelry - HASU - Bracelet

KRAACH Healing Jewelry - HASU - Bracelet

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crystal set

Three-dimensional trademark pending

About the design

The design uses a lotus flower motif, which is a symbol of chakra, which is essential for crystal healing, and has a beautiful puffy closure with a gentle and soft silhouette that wraps around the jewel.

The one-point diamond is designed to enhance the energy of the gem (color stone).

About quality

All gemstones are inspected by an appraisal agency

All jewelry is inspected by a jewelery appraisal agency before handing over, and a certificate of authenticity is attached to all products. We strive to ensure that our customers can wear their products with peace of mind by having them properly tested. A certificate of authenticity is a very important certificate for understanding the type and value of jewelry.

Same quality as the finest bridal jewelry

Clutch jewelry is made by a first-class precious metal accessory craftsman, and finished to the highest quality in a workshop that has been working on bridal jewelry for many years. When you put it on, please feel the quality of its workmanship and tailoring.

original jewelry case

Clutch jewelry is a power spot that you can wear on your body. Only by treating it with care will you be able to benefit from it. An original jewelry case that can be stored for a long time and a cleaning cloth for maintenance are included.

From order to delivery

After ordering, we will ship within about 45 days from the date of settlement and payment confirmation.

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