KRAACH クリスタルバスソルトが OMOTENASHI Selection 2023 アワード を受賞しました

KRAACH Crystal Bath Salts won OMOTENASHI Selection 2023 Award

KRAACH Crystal Bath Salt OMOTENASHI Selection Award Winner

magic of crystal "Crystal Bath Salts" delivered by KRAACH has been selected for "OMOTENASHI Selection", a program that discovers and certifies excellent Japanese products and services and disseminates them domestically and internationally. .

The ``Crystal Bath Salts'' we deliver are ``KRAACH'', the ultimate bath salts that have never been seen before, ``purified with salt and protected by the power of gemstones''.
We have added the ``purifying,'' ``activating,'' and ``healing'' powers of gemstones, the power of salt to remove impurities from the mind and body, and the fragrant power of natural essential oils.

Our company encountered ``crystal healing'' through our work with jewelry and gemstones, and wanted to utilize the magical power inherent in gemstones in our daily lives, so we focused on bath time, which heals the fatigue of the day.

There are three types of natural gemstone powders included in the bath salts: ``Amethyst,'' ``Amber,'' and ``Rose Quartz.'' The salt used is 100% Himalayan salt. The ingredients are carefully selected and no ingredients other than naturally derived ingredients are used. It does not impair the power of gemstones and salt, which are natural materials created by Mother Nature.

Even when you're physically and mentally tired or feeling down, taking a bath with gemstone bath salts will reset your mood as if by magic, allowing you to greet the next morning with a positive mindset. Masu. We would like to give many people the experience of turning their home bath into a power spot.

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What is OMOTENASHI Selection?

Omotenashi Selection is an award established in 2015 with the purpose of discovering products and services that are full of Japan's excellent hospitality and disseminating them to the world.

Omotenashi Selection is operated by more than 20 private companies, and for certification, an in-kind examination is conducted by a foreign expert residing in Japan.

Special techniques born out of concern for the people who use them, as well as ingenuity and ingenuity that continue to inherit tradition while continuing to improve for the modern era, are evaluated using the standards of "OMOTENASHI" and "GLOBAL."

We certify products and services that have received the Omotenashi Selection Award as being ``overflowing with uniquely Japanese charm that we would like to share with the world.''

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