About the “Magic Healing Jewelry Experience” campaign to commemorate the achievement of 1,000 followers 《Finished》

Thanks to KRAACH's official Instagram followers, we were able to reach 1,000 followers⭐️Thank you very much.
We will hold a "Magic Healing Jewelry Experience" campaign with gratitude for your follow-up and messages.

Thank you very much for your application.

〇Summary <br>In this campaign, one person will be presented by lottery with a "healing jewelry necklace", which is also the origin of KRAACH (clutch) 🎁
Clutch jewelry is a combination of the power that can be obtained from the characteristics and characteristics of gemstones, such as “purification”, “activation”, and “healing”, according to your thoughts and wishes. You can make it into a healing jewelry (power spot).
The design is based on the motif of the lotus flower, which is the symbol of the chakra, which is essential for crystal healing, and has a beautiful fluffy silhouette that wraps around the jewel.
The one-point diamond is designed to enhance the energy of the jewel.

〇 How to apply
Here's how to participate: ⚠️ Please read carefully.

  1. Follow KRAACH's account and like this post 👍 (If you are already following us, please like 👍)
  2. Write "1 type of material" and "1 type of gem set" in the comments 📝

*Limited to those who have set their account to public and can receive DMs, and those who can mention @kraach_japan on Instagram feed about 2 photos of healing jewelry experiences and reviews. 📣

〇Campaign period
July 10, 2023 (Monday) 9:00 - July 26 (Monday) 24:00

〇Gift items <br>KRAACH Healing Jewelry, a power spot to wear

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